Representative Cases

Aaron v. County of Los Angeles: Represented community leader and high school baseball coach in wrongful arrest and false imprisonment federal suit. A monetary settlement followed depositions of the arresting officers.

Alfonso v. HUD: Procured six-figure monetary settlement on behalf of federal employee. In a distinct act of retaliation, the client believed the federal agency had improperly denied to her protection under the 1994 Whistleblower Protection Act. Client had insisted on treating all contractors equally, regardless of their political connections, and was vindicated by the resolution of the case.

Cross v. United Airlines, Inc.: Successfully appealed a federal court grant of employer’s motion for summary judgment. Client filed action against United Airlines claiming racial discrimination, retaliation and interference with her exercise of protected leave rights under California Family Rights Act. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the district court’s grant of summary judgment for United and directed the district court to grant Ms. Cross’ cross-motion for summary adjudication as to liability, remanding to the district court the issue of Cross’ damages and entitling Ms. Cross to statutory attorney’s fees.

Fluker v. County of Los Angeles: Won six-figure monetary settlement for County of Los Angeles employee of more than twenty-five (25) years, relative to her race/gender discrimination, whistle-blowing and retaliation civil suit.

Hayes v. City of Bellflower: Won federal jury trial verdict against the City of Bellflower, California, on behalf of an autistic child and his parents. Used Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act in response to selective enforcement of zoning ordinances.

Hood v. City of Los Angeles: Filed suit on behalf of the wife and children of a mentally disabled man, shot and killed by Los Angeles Police Department Officers. Mr. Hood threatened no one but himself with knives. Suit resulted in a significant, six-figure, monetary settlement and changes in local police procedures, relative to mentally ill persons.

Lozano Civil Service Hearing: Through the County of Los Angeles Civil Service Commission, successfully appealed Ms. Lozano’s termination of employment, after more than twenty-one (21) years of exemplary service. The hearing officer’s recommendation to reduce a termination to a five (5) day suspension reinstated Ms. Lozano’s County employment, after fifteen (15) months of unemployment. Ms. Lozano was awarded fifteen (15) months back-pay, as well as costs.

Lombardi v. HUD: Negotiated significant, six-figure monetary settlement on behalf of a federal agency employee. Mr. Lombardi alleged that HUD subjected him to disparate and adverse conditions of employment, due to his male gender, his age and in retaliation for his protests against these discriminatory acts.

Rogers v. County of Los Angeles: Won significant, six-figure jury trial verdict, in addition to an award of attorney’s fees and costs, on behalf of Ms. Rogers, a twenty-six (26) year County of Los Angeles employee. Ms. Rogers prevailed on claims for the County’s violation of (1) California Family Rights Act Interference; and (2) California Family Rights Act Retaliation.

Seung Taek Baek v. A-Team Const., Inc.: Through an appeal, successfully reversed an order awarding more than $30,000.00 worth of attorney’s fees and costs to opposing counsel. Trial court had made award prior to the exhaustion of the time limitation within which the subject client was allowed to file a motion to strike or to tax costs, in violation of California Rules of Court, Rule 3.1700(b)(1). The appellate court reversed the order denying reconsideration and remanded with directions that the trial court should grant the motion for reconsideration, and upon reconsideration, consider the merits of client’s motion to strike or to tax costs.

Teimoori v. County of Riverside: Settled employment discrimination and retaliation suit, after jury selection. Dr. Teimoori was the victim of racial, gender and national origin (Iranian-American) discrimination.

Yi v. Won: Obtained jury trial verdict on behalf of Ms. Yi. Convinced jury that Dr. Chong Man Won and Town Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center defrauded her with respect to representations made concerning a cosmetic facelift procedure. Argued that Defendants had acted with the intent to induce Ms. Yi’s reliance, based in large part on her ethnic (Korean), racial and cultural heritage.

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